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Delivering powerful display & marketing solutions.
Customer Service

For us, everything starts with great customer service because without our customers, we are out of service! Have you noticed lately how so much of communication today is automated...or worse yet, ignored! We believe in picking up the phone when it rings, and calling to just check in with our clients. We don't hide behind emails and voicemails. We follow-through and keep our word. We treat our clients with respect and honesty knowing that we work daily to earn their business.

Solution Based

...Solution based for our clients that is. As part of our design approach, we are neutral to material and fabrication. We're not "selling" time on a machine in the back shop or trying to maximize corporate assets. It's that simple. Our designs include steel structures, extruded plastic parts, "piano finished" wood fixtures, aluminum parts and graphic panels of various substrates. What you get from us is what you need...not equipment we need to sell.


Custom Displays
Custom Design

We think holistically with a keen eye on practicality, knowing that our designs form must be in lockstep with function. Based on our client's brief, we are forward thinking invoking leadership through unique and engaging design to motivate consumer behavior. We "smart" engineer to minimize material needs and cost. We "smart" engineer material and fabrication specs for display longevity.




Production starts right in our model shop with our mechanical design staff.  We build prototypes before a mass production run…we prove our designs. When we green-light a full production run, we’ve completed our homework and deliver for our clients.  With an outstanding network of global resources, FMD achieves best pricing for all production needs and manages all projects for on-time delivery.


Proximity Marketing

We are an innovative marketing company integrating shopper and consumer marketing, proximity and engagement marketing along with functional design to deliver unique communication solutions for our clients. Our focus is the blending of experiential marketing tactics, consumer engagement, brand messaging, social media and technology for the convenience of consumers where they shop and make purchase decisions.

Quality Control

We start every project with quality control as a guiding light rather than waiting for an issue to arise and then react. We follow a focused Standard Operating Procedure that includes timelines, detailed project trackers, on-site production supervision, approvals, weekly conference calls, on-going communication with all stakeholders and consistent execution protocols. We take pride in our work and delight in our clients satisfaction.


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